How To Do White Scratchboard With Color

The only real difference between white scratchboard and black scratchboard is you get to chose the color and the placement of that color. This is not to say one is better than the other, each one is great depending on the effect you want. I can't even say I have a preference. I love to work with scratchboard.

Scratchboard with Transparent Acrylic

 Three Wolves

If there was more than one subject in my composition I used to draw them separately on tracing paper. Then I would compose them by moving each piece around until I got what I wanted.This is the first piece where I scanned my drawings and used the computer to work out my composition. I will probably never use the tracing paper method again.

Here is the scratchboard"Three Wolves" in progress. It shows the three main steps I go through.


I transfer the drawing onto white scratchboard using graphite paper. You needn't worry much about transfer mistakes because, unlike black board, you can scrape off any unwanted graphite marks when using white scratchboard.


I paint the scratchboard with transparent acrylic. Some colors I use right out of the bottle, some I mix. I use ARTIST COLOR brand.


I scratch just as I would if I were using black scratchboard. The best part of using white board and painting it yourself is working it back and forth. If you scratch too much you can paint it again and then scratch some more.


In this detail you can see how I have worked ba ck and forth with the transparent acrylic and scratching.