Artist Diana Lee

"The main reason that I paint is so that I can see with my eyes what I picture in my mind. I enjoy being able to express my thoughts visually to myself and others. I donít often attempt to make grand social or philosophical statements with my art. I tend to focus more on making pictures that are pleasant to look at.

"Although my introduction to art took place in high school, I didnít begin working in earnest until I was in my forties. That is probably the greatest single reason for my working in so many different media --- part of me feels the need to make up for lost time."

- D. Lee

About the Artist

As a high school student in Hayward, California, Diana Lee was selected, along with four other gifted students, to attend extended art classes. Throughout her junior and senior years, Diana acted as a teaching assistant, aiding other students in drawing.

Although she showed promise as an artist, Diana discontinued her artistic efforts after graduating from high school in 1965, and didnít take them up again until 1978, after the birth of her second child, chiefly creating portraits and fantasy drawings in pencil. About a year later, she discovered the medium called scratchboard, in which she produced the portrait of her pet cat called Rufus.

After the births of a third and then a fourth child, Diana took a ten-year hiatus from art, picking it up yet again in 1988, and has been pursuing it actively ever since. She has attended various classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College in drawing, painting, three-dimensional art and principles of color.

Diana has designed posters for local theater productions as well as logos for various businesses. She has produced commissioned illustrations for a California womenís magazine and a book by a fellow artist. Diana has exhibited her paintings, drawings and scratchboards in a number of galleries in Northern California. Her work has recently appeared in the form of cover illustrations for a monthly investing journal.